Eclectic Music Experience
Cross-over Jazz
Swiss /French



Small World is an eclectic musical experience inviting audience to a transcultural soundscape. Over the years, mixing jazz, soul-funk, afrobeat and world music, Geneva based drummer Bruno Duval has been unpacking his prolific rhythmic baggage to blend a cross-over jazz, groove charged and mixed with multiple world music influences.

Supporting young and upcoming swiss/french jazz artists, Small World has been selected by the JazzContreBand Festival in 2017 and been touring and showcasing in Switzerland and France.
Co-production World Village Association and JazzContreBand

Shems Bendali : Trumpet
Arthur Donnot : Tenor Sax
Bruno Duval : Drums & artistic direction
Matthieu Llodra: Fender Rhodes
Cyril Moulas : Electric Bass




Next concerts

06.12.17 :     Auditorium du Perrier, Annemasse (FR)
01.09.18 :    Musical’été, Annemasse (FR)

Archived concerts

02.10.17 :    JazzContreBand 2017 opening – Château Rouge, Annemasse (FR)
06.10.17 :    Esplanade du Lac, Divonne les Bains (FR)
11.10.17 :     Jazz Club, Annecy (FR)
12.10.17 :     L’Atelier, Cluses (FR)
17.10.17 :     Chat Noir, Geneva (CH)
21.10.17 :     Usine à Gaz, Nyon (CH)

Media / Press

L’EXTENSION – Septembre 2017
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LE PAYS GESSIEN – Septembre 2017
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LE DAUPHINE – Septembre 2017
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