The association implements activities based on participative collaboration. Through our activities we propose to observe the function of the arts in society, to envisage the arts as a therapeutic tool capable of guiding, stimulating and/or consoling its spectators and bringing them to a better vision of themselves.

Type of activities :

• Cultural cooperation projects

• Artistic co-creation

• Co-production and co-organistation of events and activities

• Participative collaboration, consulting…


The association coordinates artistic pedagogical projects in partnership with public and private institutions on a regional, European and international scale.

Members of the association with recognised skills can undertake a more conventional teaching activity (live performance, visual arts).

Type of activities:

• Implementation of pedagogical work programmes

• Master classes

• Conferences, Lectures, Workshops, Interventions

• Concerts, pedagogical performances

• Indivual and group tuition


The association produces and promotes artistic projects in collaboration with practising artists in the region, professionals at a high level and of national and international renown.

Type of activities:

• Audiovisual production

• Artistic residencies

• Project management and coaching

• Management, Promotion, Booking…


Our association offers its administrative services to its active professional members (groups, cooperatives¸ individual artists). These benefits and services are at the disposal of members under certain conditions.

Type of services :

• Salaries

• Contracts

• Project conception and management

• Logistics