Our goal, from our origins, has been to promote cultural exchange through artistic expression and comprehension.

We pursue the following specific goals through cultural actions:

  • Promote cultural diversity and identity, traditions, heritages and cultural heritages of Europe and the world
  • Promote intercultural and intergenerational dialogue
  • Facilitate the exchange of professional and amateur practices
  • Increase access to knowledge in cultural and artistic matters
  • Promote the mobility of artists, educators and cultural actors in European territory and internationally
  • Achieve the professional integration of artists, educators and cultural actors in the long term
  • Minimize the ecological impact of our actions by favoring practices favorable to sustainable development (soft mobility, organic farming, etc.)


The philosophy of the association is to consider art as an essential thing, which touches the meaning of life, as a tool, as a process of creation and a form of expression that allows the achievement, openness, l integration, identification of self and others within a community.

“For free spirits and open hearts”

We propose through our actions, to observe the function of art in our society, to consider art as a therapeutic tool capable of guiding, stimulating and / or consoling its spectators and accessing a better vision of themselves.

While pursuing more conventional artistic and educational actions, the association aims to develop its activity by favoring participatory cooperation and collaboration actions, putting art at the service of the population, by creating meetings of the public and institutions with living art in its different forms of expression, focusing more on the effect it is capable of having for the individual or for a community within society.

We believe that:

  • Lasting partnerships make it possible to advance our objectives and develop our cultural exchange actions
  • Our role is to help promote cultural actors and artists and encourage their professional integration
  • The creative process can lead to personal and collective development, and promote social integration
  • Free-spirited, open-minded cultural actors who are skilled in their fields can contribute to the innovative and constructive changes we envision to provide solutions in today’s chaotic and difficult world.
  • We can help democratize known and lesser-known artistic practices and forms of expression to a wider audience


From local to global

Located at the seam between two countries, the Franco-Swiss agglomeration of “Greater Geneva” is experiencing unprecedented demographic and urban development. The challenges of social cohesion in the region are at the heart of the concerns of political institutions and cultural organizations, which tend to promote a policy of cross-border cooperation in favor of population mobility and interregional scientific and cultural exchanges.

A very attractive cosmopolitan border city, Geneva is a multicultural city teeming with cultural projects, rich in museums, stages and artistic centers, an important university and scientific center, it is the seat of many world organizations and international cooperation. City of art and culture, the city of Geneva is part of the cross-border region of the Lake Geneva region, an idyllic natural setting in which more than 100 different nationalities rub shoulders and mutually enrich each other.

From global to local

At the dawn of the 3rd millennium and in the age of the global technological and digital revolution, access to knowledge, to living modern cultures and ancestral traditions, is increased tenfold as never before.

In our era of climate change, periods of economic crises and major socio-cultural upheavals, we are aware of the impact that the phenomenon of globalization and technological revolution can have on the planetary ecosystem and on the processes of diffusion and information sharing.

Our association has the ambition to offer alternative socio-cultural innovative and federating actions, creating intra and inter-community, interregional, European and international social links, allowing audiences of different origins and backgrounds to mutually enrich each other. , to recognize and enhance their identity and to gain access to the diversity, to the wealth of practices and knowledge linked to modern and traditional cultures which are sometimes less known to the general public.


The World Village association was founded in December 2009 in Geneva.

WVA is a cultural structure currently established in Grand-Lancy since 2019

Swiss Comittee

President : El Hani Manamani
Treasurer : Petra Zavazal


c/o Petra Zavazal
20, chemin de Compostelle
1212 Grand-Lancy

Direction & Administration : Bruno Duval